Landscape Accent Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of our specialties.


Landscape lighting is one of our specialties at ALC, because there are few things that give a property a more grand and finished appearance- especially at night. Properly placed lamps can accentuate the most beautiful parts of a building and its grounds. Our lasting LED systems use minimal energy for cost efficiency in every season. The setups we provide also power on and off automatically each night, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Many high-end properties include lighting in similar fashions, and it’s actually a great way to increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will love the added touch, and tasteful lighting can set modest homes apart from the neighborhood. Businesses with this type of arrangement also benefit by appearing more upscale and catching the eyes of potential customers. In short, it’s a worthy investment across the board.

Aesthetics and finances are not the only benefit of landscape lighting, though. Studies have shown that well-lit streets experience less crime. The increased visibility deters would-be burglars, since it is much more likely that they’ll be spotted. It can also leave them wondering if you’re home and awake, reducing their confidence further. Outdoor lighting will improve your personal safety as well, because nicely illuminated paths and sidewalks can prevent stumbling and falling, and you won’t need to shuffle through the dark with the flashlight of your cell phone or have trouble backing down your driveway.

When choosing a landscape lighting system, it’s important to install it properly. ALC Property Services has fully insured professional employees with incredible attention to detail. Request an estimate today and let us redefine your property.